• Amazon web services is seriously working on it’s facial tech
  • The tool is under performing as it showing gender bias and racism in identifying faces.
  • The MIT university students reported that 31 percent of the time the tool is showing racism

Amazon facial tech is failing repeatedly in facial analysis to differentiate between men and women. According to a MIT university students report it is also claimed that that amazon facial tech is showing racism.

the reports says that amazon facial tech has incorrectly identified women as men 19 percent of the time. When coming to the darker skin women the software is incorrectly identifying 31 percent of the time. The competitors for amazon in this field are Microsoft and IBM. The Microsoft tool is incorrectly identifying 1.5 percent of the time.

Amazon facial tech

Matt wood general manager of the amazon web services has spoke to media regarding this issue. He says amazon facial tech is not gender biased nor showing racism. It is just a facial analysis tool, there is much difference between the facial analysis and facial recognition tools. Facial recognition tools identify the images or photos of the people from the videos and group pictures. Where as facial analysis tools are completely different these tools grab the data from facial structures and glasses and eye patterns.

Facial analysis can’t be facial recognition in any aspects. These two things are completely different. So as of now we are not bothered about the performance of the our facial tech software. The tool is still in the development stage and our team of experts are working on it to improvise the tool capability.

Share holders are walking out

Even though the amazon facial tech is not performing well. Many firms and also law suits came forward to buy the software to fight the law related issues. But the share holders are not at all supporting this, finally amazon has pulled off it’s decision to provide the software for law suit firms.

Putting all these things aside amazon web services is seriously trying to compete with the tech giants of silicon valley in the race of artificial intelligence and facial tech solutions.

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