• BlackBerry 850 celebrates it’s 20th birthday
  • RIM is stepping in to it’s 35s but for blackberry it’s 20
  • The first BlackBerry mobile is launched in 1999 as BlackBerry 850

Although Research In Motion was founded in 1984, the first device to carry the BlackBerry name, the BlackBerry 850, wasn’t released until January 19, 1999 meaning today marks its 20th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, The Record wrote up a fantastic article covering a lot of the history of BlackBerry with a focus on their ups and downs, history, and plenty of comments from those who were around at the time including former RIM employee and current Mayor of Waterloo, Dave Jaworsky.

Truth be told, I was too young at the time to make any real use of a BlackBerry 850, but would you believe me if I told you I had my hands on one? I had a family member who worked for what was known as at the time Rogers / Cantel and had several devices just laying around. Being younger, I snagged one and took it to show off and be the cool kid. It didn’t really work, and I’m still not the cool kid but years later I still hold those memories as my first of BlackBerry.

Rather than cover what The Record already has done, and given I never really used a BlackBerry 850, I figured I would share something a little different as a nod to the 20th birthday. I’ve included the press release from January 19, 1999, below for you all to take a look through.

As we all know, BlackBerry has gone through plenty of changes since those early days and devices, but they’re still here, still making an impact and their core values remain unchanged. Even back in 1999, then Co-CEO Jim Balsillie was touting productivity, privacy and security. So on this day, I’d just like to say cheers to BlackBerry and like Dave, invite you all to share your BlackBerry history and stories!

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