Mumbai-based Artha Creative Studio combines user interface design with lean methodology to help startups focus on creating and testing an MVP.

Our country sees young entrepreneurs coming up every day. With stars in their eyes and wearing their passion on their sleeve, they are confident of becoming the next Flipkart, OYO or redBus. But many fail without making a mark owing to the fact that they don’t really know how to develop a product or a service even if their idea is solid.

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At the beginning, when there is not much money and resources, it is best to adopt ‘lean methodology’. It is no longer just a buzzword; several startups and companies are increasingly deriving benefit from using lean methodology. Going about product development, marketing and sales with as little waste as possible before scaling. To trim the fat and get the product-market fit right from the start.is helping startups cut waste through lean methodology

Artha Creative Studio is a user experience (UX) and user interface consultancy startup. The company is helping startups on their lean journey to create a minimal viable product (MVP).

How does the platform work?

Artha Creative Studio’s team–consisting of creative, technology and management experts–collaborates with the various departments of a company to understand the technical and marketing goals and requirements and skill sets of the organisation or startup.

“We collaborate with the client from conceptualisation of an idea to its production,” Aakash says.

Artha’s focus is to ensure the startup works with, follows and adopts the lean methodology. As it is easy to get distracted while in the process of creating a sound MVP. Once an MVP is discovered, defined or made, Artha plans and creates the architecture. Considering aspects like technology, marketing, creativity and process optimisation.

Traction so far

Artha Creative Studio has worked with B2B businesses across sectors including education, enterprise, finance, healthcare, and information technology (including SaaS). Their portfolio boasts of 27 startups and four MNCs. Most of their clients are from Tier I cities – Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad. Some of them are Synergy Power Solutions, Active Intelligence, Home Side Kick, Cloud Force and Platinum Hotels.

Artha Creative Studio charges clients on an hourly basis for the effort the team puts in. The startup has grown by 7x in 2018, as compared to 2017. Their list of clients has gone up by 5x in the last year.

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Samba Shiva Thadavarthi
Mr. Shiva is a technologist by profession and technical writer by passion. He has served in several organisations as Research and Development manager and wrote versatile articles on the current trends of technological transformation.

Indian Startup funding of the week 2019 ended with a bang

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