Jeff bezos wife divorce her husband and CEO of amazon. The world’s richest couple are all set to get divorced after 25 years of marriage life. He has informed the same thing through his twitter account and also officially announced. Jeff bezos wife MacKenzie Bezos wnats to get divorced and the discussions and legal proceedings have started few months back. The CEO of amazon Jeff bezos mentioned this divorce with his wife as a development in his life.

jeff bezos wife divorce

Jeff Bezos has been on the top of the world from many years with his name in the forbes list. The company started with a online book store and slowly climbed up all the niches in the technological transformation. Amazon is also in to the cloud computing services and IT services. The company also deals with online shopping and stood in the top of the list. By keeping his stakes in all sorts of business jeff has achieved unimaginable heights.
Bezos launched Amazon Kindle e-reader and revolutionized the e-books. The company has also been a pioneer in cloud computing.

jeff bezos wife divorce
jeff bezos wife divorce

Amazon has also in the field of smart homes rivaling with google home products. Starting from smart screens to Alexa everything that amazon made has changed the world.

Jeff bezos wife divorce

Amazon CEO and also the world’s richest person with his $160B in hand is not world’s richest anymore. Jeff has to give half of his wealth to his wife after divorce. Eventually that will also make MacKenzie BezosM the wealthiest woman of the world.

in his official twitter account jeff mentioned he’s incredibly lucky to find her. Even after the divorce they’re going to be a good friends and also partners in business, he mentioned. Only the name label changes but they remain a family and cherished friends.

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