• “OnePlus says its growth was 30-35 percent higher compared to 2017, with at least a 50 percent rise in absolute business”

2018 has been a great year for OnePlus, especially in India. The year has been so good right now OnePlus has become the topmost premium brand in India leaving behind both Apple and Samsung. Pete Lau, CEO and Founder of OnePlus, has now revealed some information about the sales of the company in 2018. Lau has said that OnePlus has achieved the sales target in much lesser time than expected. Lau in an interview with Forbes India has revealed that OnePlus has been able to meet the sales target for Calendar Year 2018 (CY2018) in just nine months, which is almost three months ahead of what the company had targeted. It is also a known fact that the success that OnePlus(OnePlus Achieved 2018 Sales Target) has managed to garner in India is mostly because of the OnePlus 6 sales.

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Pete Lau in an interview with Forbes India said that OnePlus’ growth in CY2018 was around 30-35% higher compared to the last year. Lau has also said that OnePlus had managed to grow their business by almost 50%. He further added that both flagships launched in 2018 – OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T – have performed extremely well. Lau, however, didn’t mention the sales figure of the OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T.

In the same interview, Lau also said that there was a time, around 45 days before the launch of OnePlus 6 when not even one unit of the predecessor, OnePlus 5T, was available for purchase. He also mentioned similar was the case before the launch of the OnePlus 6T. Which means that the sales of the OnePlus 6 were so good that before the launch of the OnePlus 6T there were no units of the phone available for purchase.

OnePlus has reached new heights all over the world, but in India, it has managed to become the best smartphone brand in the premium segment. In fact, OnePlus has left behind Apple and Samsung in the race. In India, OnePlus has managed to capture 40% and 30% of the premium smartphone segment in Q2 and Q3, respectively, with the OnePlus 6.

OnePlus’ Plans for 2019

OnePlus usually launches two phones every year, but things are going to be different in 2019. The company will be launching three phones. One of the three phones will be the 5G phone while the other two will be the OnePlus 7 and the 7T. Pete Lau during the Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit confirmed that OnePlus has already started working with Qualcomm, Verizon and AT&T to launch its 5G phone in the first half of 2019. Lau has also confirmed that OnePlus will be one of the first companies to bring a commercial 5G phone.

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