FINEWAY is a travel tech startup bringing instant trip planning to everyone. The self-learning service aggregates over 250 explicit and implicit data points in real time to magically deliver.  Dramatically saving time from an average of over nine hours to just a few short minutes.

The Munich-based company was founded in 2015 by Markus Bohl (formerly Roland Berger Strategy Consultants and founder of two successful eCommerce platforms) and Markus Feigelbinder (most recently in senior management of international tech consultancies, Amazon and Westwing Home & Living). The company currently employs a team of 50 and also PhD experts in machine learning and data engineering.

Current investors include public tech VC Bayern Kapital, Axel Springer and MairDumont ventures as well as a number of large family offices .

“We are building an Artificial Intelligence powered by advanced statistics & deep learning methods to decode your travel DNA better than anyone else.”

Semantic Conversational Service

Bots have become the new weather apps. Many companies click together simple NLP-based bots as a marketing show case. but Fineway semantic Travel Bot leaves the NLP problems to others and focuses on the important topic: The conversation. Thanks to deep neural networks and self-learning algorithms, their interface agnostic conversational service creates a unique & personalized conversation for each customer to deliver trips that match your unique style & intents.

Data Science at Fineway isn’t just a gimmick to look attractive – Fineway data mine runs deep. Their Data Scientists apply advanced statistics & deep learning methods to their existing customer & content data to decode the customer as well as the content. Of course Fineway don’t just crunch numbers with excel, but use state of the art tools to buildtheir models, visualize & share them.

Real-time services are hard – that’s why Fineway’s infrastructure is built upon an event based, micro service architecture. Running it on the AWS ecosystem allows them to easily scale it by making use of their top notch services. The result speaks for itself: sub-second round-trips.

Shipping a top notch product requires top notch technology stack behind it. Fineway’s stack ranges from latest React.js in their front-ends to Python 3.6 & Go in their back-ends, all deployed automatically in Docker containers. Fineway is serious about professional development: code reviews & automated tests ensure the quality of their products and allow them to move fast without breaking things.

Serious Community Building

Fineway culture is built around the idea of sharing knowledge – not just internally through extensive code reviews, but also by sharing their experience & knowledge with the community. That’s why Fineway attend meetups & conferences regularly, give talks and even sponsor & organise them.

Fineway’s own meetups, the Django Munich meetup with over 160 members and their new invite-only Decode meetup give them a stage to talk about their favorite topics to inspire others.

Samba Shiva Thadavarthi
Mr. Shiva is a technologist by profession and technical writer by passion. He has served in several organisations as Research and Development manager and wrote versatile articles on the current trends of technological transformation.

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