• How much are you willing to spend to inhale some fresh air? Rs 12.50 a breath or Rs 550 for a ten-litre bottle?

  • While rising pollution has robbed us of the liberty to inhale clean and pure air, some businesses in India and even worldwide are entering the business of ‘bottled fresh air’.

Air pollution has become a huge problem to cater to in the entire nation today. The quality of air is degrading day by day and people are really escaping the city life to get some fresh air. But soon you can buy fresh air. What have we come to really? But yes, in the age of online shopping, one can buy fresh bottled air in India. Vitality Air company is selling fresh air at Rs 550 per bottle of 10 liters online. This shows the extent of environmental degradation everywhere. Fresh Air on Sale!

GAIL sponsors clean air campaign

The quest to provide people in smog-chocked Delhi with fresh air became so intense that in 2016, the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) had sponsored a campaign which was motivated by a famous “Air Seller” Youtube video – a social experiment which introduced the idea of selling freshly packaged air in Delhi. Reportedly, social enthusiasts at the Social Cloud Ventures Private Limited started the campaign aiming to change the air quality level with collective societal efforts.

While breathing in fresh air is one’s birthright, thanks to rampant industrialisation and over-consumption, the Air Quality Index (AQI) in many of the Indian cities, especially in the Delhi NCR region reads in red. Several companies in India and even worldwide have started to cash in on the demand for fresh bottled air.

Buy bottled clean air

Reportedly, the market for clean air is booming in China ever since the product’s inception, however, the trend is catching on in the Indian markets as well. After the success of Vitality Air, a Canada-based start-up which sold canned natural air from the Canadian Rockies to Indian consumers in 2016, other companies soon started to fill the void in this newly created market for fresh air. Vitality Air, which started as a novelty in 2015 sold their products in India in 3-litre and 8-litre cans priced between Rs 1,450 and Rs 2,800.

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