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Audi’s E-Tron GT concept is so close to production we can nearly taste it



The Audi E-Tron GT concept made its public debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, but Digital Trends traveled to the firm’s home town of Ingolstadt, Germany, several weeks before the event to get a behind-the-scenes look at the design study, and to gain insight on what it means for Audi Sport’s future.

“We have never done a show car as close to series production as this,” Enzo Rothfuss, Audi’s head of interior design, told us with an unconcealable smile. Marc Lichte, the brand’s charismatic design boss, echoed his comments. That means what you see displayed under the bright lights at the annual Los Angeles show is what you’ll get in showrooms in almost exactly two years’ time.

When it comes to electric cars, luxury automakers are putting an unprecedented focus on the SUV segment. It’s not a coincidence that Audi’s first series-produced EV, the E-Tron, will arrive as a people-mover rather than as a sexy coupe or a low-slung sedan. It’s the body style that solves many of the packaging problems engineers encounter while trying to install a bulky battery pack in a car, and it’s in hot demand in key markets around the world like the United States and China. That doesn’t mean the sedan as we know it will go the way of the VCR.

“There are some people who want to have low cars,” Lichte pointed out. “Doing a low, sporty car with a big battery pack is a big challenge. There are not so many people who can do it,” he added. Audi chose to join forces with sister company Porsche instead of developing the car from scratch. The E-Tron GT is closely related to the upcoming Porsche Taycan under the sheet metal. The two sedans share a basic platform, a 96-kWh lithium-ion battery pack, two electric motors, and numerous chassis components. Everything else is Audi-specific. Members of the development team regularly chat with their colleagues at Porsche to ensure the two cars don’t overlap.


From a design standpoint, the E-Tron GT blazes the path that Audi’s other high-performance electric cars will follow with honeycomb-shaped inserts in the grille and a full air diffuser integrated into the rear bumper. Andreas Mindt, Audi’s head of exterior design, pointed out that his team chose not to add trim shaped like an exhaust outlet because it was important to keep the GT as authentic as possible. He also noted the black accents on the front fascia significantly facilitate the task of integrating the sensors required for semi-autonomous and autonomous driving. This concept doesn’t drive itself, that is not its calling in life, but Mindt’s team is already looking ahead. “As designers, we have to think about what comes next,” he explained.

If you ask us, the GT’s stance is its most striking design feature; photos and videos don’t do it justice. Designers trimmed the overhangs, nipped the doors into the body, and punched out the wheel arches. The concept is about an inch and a half lower than the A7 even though it sits on a battery pack the size of a mattress. These styling cues make it look fast even when it’s not moving. LEDs on both ends give it a high-tech appearance at night.

The interior, like Moby, is 100% vegan and damn proud of it. Audi upholstered the four seats with recycled cloth and cleaned up the planet’s oceans by making the floor mats with discarded fishing nets. Rothfuss explained Audi will offer leather and Alcantara in the foreseeable future, he predicts buyers will continue asking for so-called classic materials, but he expects demand for an interior not made with animal parts will spike in the coming years.

The 96-kWh battery pack holds enough electricity to deliver about 250 miles of range on the European testing cycle. It zaps a pair of electric motors – one over each axle – into motion. They deliver 590 horsepower, enough to send the GT from zero to 62 mph in a brisk 3.5 seconds and, if you have enough pavement at your disposal, from zero to 124 mph in 12 seconds. Lichte assured us the powertrain can deliver this neck-snapping acceleration more than 10 times in a row without going into lock-down mode in order to preserve the battery pack. To make that possible, every part of the powertrain is cooled.

The GT wasn’t made for the drag strip, though. It’s a high-speed freeway cruiser. That means driving fast – at least in Germany, where part of the freeway network has no speed limit – and traveling fast instead of sitting on the side of the road while electricity trickles into a nearly-empty battery pack. To that end, the GT boasts an 800-volt charging system that fills 80 percent of the pack’s capacity in under 20 minutes. Alternatively, Audi will offer a wireless charging option will be markedly slower but considerably more convenient. Buyers will simply need to align the car with a charging pad installed in their garage and tap on the touchscreen to start the charging process.

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Finantix acquired by Motive Partners



Motive Partners
  • Finantix is familiar for it’s software applications for financial industries.
  • Motive Partners is an investment firm focused on technology-enabled companies that power the financial services industry.
  • in the era of digital, acquisitions are playing major role hence it proves the capability of firm.

Motive partners have confirmed the acquisition of Finantix in a recent press release. They said this acquisition will strengthen their technical capabilities along with streamlined solutions for clients. The acquisition dated on 11th of dec 2018 therefore the official merging details to be released soon.

Acquisition is just a common word for the people of silicon valley as it is often heard there. Considering the tech giants like google and Apple as an inspiration most of the firms are focusing on acquisitions. It all started when the google is swallowing small fishes of the industry as a part of growing business. As a result now a days all the firms are moving towards acquisition rather than putting more technical stuff in to the company.


“Everyone thought the acquisition strategy was extremely risky because no one had ever done it successfully. In other words, it was innovative.”

of-course it is true that every one thought acquisition is risky. But a well planned acquisition pushes the firm towards success in a streamlined way. Acquiring the organisations without reason will launch you in to the trouble as well as ruins both the companies. apart from the other factors like product building to product marketing, acquisition is also a major part of strategy.


About Finantix

Finantix enable it’s clients to digitalise their multi channel and omni-device strategy injecting innovative components into their digital transformation programs. And also help them make available ready to use solutions to serve, advise and sell their services to mass, affluent, private, high net worth and business customers.

While they offer a wide range of applications to fill any gaps in clients solution set, they never advocate a rip-and-replace strategy and always look to leverage the IT and Digital investments client have already made.

Finantix offering is based on a comprehensive library of modules and components designed for the financial services industry. As a result that promotes innovation, re-usability across business channels and devices, and helps Financial Services leverage existing legacy architectures. Along with the data facilitating the integration and reuse into new digital services initiatives.

About Motive Partners

motive partners is a financial technology specialist firm. they offer sector specialist investment platform along with expertise, connectivity and capabilities. Therefore it will create long-term value in financial technology business.

Financial technology is a massive market in a complex industry undergoing significant transformation. Motive partners mainly works on four different motives.

  • Customer empowerment
  • Technological innovations
  • Regulatory directives
  • Economic under-performance

the firm works on the formula of investing, innovating and operating. By using this kind of approach they have achieved a lot. This kind of business motivation lead the firm towards this acquisition. The traditional approach to private equity investing is no longer enough. Motive partner believes that specialization is central to achieving the best results.

Real-world operating and innovating expertise is at the heart of Motive Partners’ DNA. they invest where their expertise, connectivity and capabilities can empower management teams to achieve substantial value creation.


motive partners are following a streamline structure from the beginning itself. Their focus towards the financial technology industry lead them to the top of the list. Motive partners felt it is necessary to acquire an organisation like Finantix.  above all Finantix is also on the financial industries sector due to this the acquisition came in to picture.  Finally motive partners acquired Finantix on 11th of dec 2018 to an undisclosed amount.


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Google acquires Sigmoid Labs of Bengaluru



  • Tech gaint Google is unstoppable with it’s acquisitions.
  • Bengaluru based sigmoid labs is also got sold for an undisclosed amount to google.
  • Sigmoid labs is the parent company of well known train tracking app “Where is my train”.

as we all know the google is so tech hungry while doing acquisitions. Bengaluru based startup is also not a big target for google to acquire.  The official press release from sigmoid labs stated that

“We’re excited to share that Sigmoid Labs, the team behind the ‘Where is my train’ app, is joining Google. We can think of no better place to help us achieve our mission, and we’re excited to join Google to help bring technology and information into more people’s hands,”

where is my train app uses cell tower network instead of internet to track the train. this new technology hence proved without data also we can track GPS signals. according to the google stats the app has reached 10 M downloads.  while asked for their reaction towards this huge success of the app, the team replied

“The confidence that our users have placed in us is what makes us so excited to think even bigger,”


About Sigmoid labs

being a start-up it’s hard to get noticed by the tech giants of the silicon valley. But the sigmoid labs has made it through all the difficulties.  Basically the sigmoid labs is well known by it’s train tracking app. This train tracking app became famous due to it’s unique ability to track without internet.

The technical team has put tremendous efforts to make it unique in it’s own way. The app uses mobile network towers to get the information to the module. The app will collect the data through the receiving antennas of the mobile. This different way of approach towards GPS tracking made this start-up stand among the crowd.

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Red River acquires Texas based Ambonare



  • Red River a technology transformation company from Austin
  • Ambonare specialized in web & mobile app development as well as software product engineering
  • The acquisition happened on 7th of December 2018

About Red River

The company brings together the ideal combination of talent, partners and products to disrupt the status quo in technology and drive success for business and government in ways previously unattainable. Red River serves organizations well beyond traditional technology integration.  Having more than 20 years of experience and mission-critical expertise in security, networking, analytics, collaboration, mobility and cloud solutions.

Red River  officially announced about the Ambonare acquisition on a press release dated 7th dec 2018. The company has made revolutionary changes in the process of optimizing business. The company provides tools for the customers which will help the business to streamline besides that it will increase the technology investments.


About Ambonare

Ambonare is a digital transformation company along with software product engineering skills. The company mainly deals with four different technologies above all web & mobile app development is a major one. Remaining are DevOps & Docker consulting as well as cloud computing. Ambonare is excited to lead the transformation of the software engineering and IT industries for over a decade. From websites to applications, cloud to cotainers, Ambonare has supported companies both big and small.

Over the past ten years, Ambonare have worked with a variety of customers in both private sector and public sector. And also successfully implemented and managed their mission critical systems. Ambonare has expanded it’s technical presence in the direction of digital transformation. With the help of Red River the transformation is going to be streamlined. As a result this will help both the firms to co-ordinate and work together


CEO Speaks

“This acquisition allows Red River to further its investment in Austin and the State of Texas while expanding our consulting services to better enable our customers to imagine the possibilities of technology.” said Jeff Sessions, Red River CEO. “By adding to our application development and software engineering expertise, we enhance our position as a partner of choice for our customers as they make their digital transformation journeys.”

“We are excited to join Red River. A company that shares both our strong customer commitment & desire to push the boundaries of technology,” said Ambonare President Samuel Chen. “Red River provides us the support, management and infrastructure needed to do our best work, win larger projects, enhance our offerings and expand opportunities for our employees.”



The Ambonare transaction is continuing with Red River’s long-term growth strategy. which included the acquisitions of Sacramento-based Natoma and Boston-based Accunet. Over the past several years, the firm has steadily increased annual revenues.  AS well as expanded its geographic footprint, capabilities and customer base. As a result earned multiple OEM awards and grew its contract portfolio. the portfolio at the time of acquisition is $125 billion.





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