• TCS democratises recruitment to provide an equal opportunity to young engineers across India
  • Tata Group companies have hired top tech talent and rejigged the roles of senior executives in the last 18 months as the $100-billion conglomerate gets ready to become more digitally savvy, in line with chairman N Chandrasekaran’s strategy.
Mumbai: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), (BSE: 532540, NSE: TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting, and business solutions organisation, conducted a national qualifier test (NQT) — an all-inclusive online campus hiring initiative — on its digital platform TCS iON.

Aiming to identify the brightest, most talented engineers for multi-skilled, multi-functional roles in Agile programs (called ‘TCS Ninjas’), the NQT was open to graduates and postgraduates of the 2019 batch, across engineering colleges in India. This re-imagination of the campus hiring process, using sophisticated technology platforms, has transformed traditional recruitment models and reinforces TCS’s philosophy of being an equal opportunity employer.

Some of the top hires at Tata companies in the last 18 months include Vijaya Deepti as CEO at Tata IQ, Deepak Konnur as chief digital officer at Tata Power NSE 0.13 %, Rino Raj as chief information and digital officer at Tata Chemicals, Gopinath Jayaraj as chief information officer at Tata Motors NSE -0.94 %, Jayanta Banerjee as chief information officer at Tata Steel, and Abonty Banerjee as chief marketing and digital officer and Mani Mulki as chief information officer at Tata Capital.

Tata companies are likely to continue hiring tech talent to accelerate what the group calls “driving digital adoption”.

“Through this talent, Chandrasekaran can bring about the change he wants to see at these companies,” said Kris Lakshmikanth, managing director at executive search firm Head Hunters. “Chandrasekaran can also get talent from TCS.”

Hiring from TCS — Deepti and Jayanta Banerjee, too, were from the IT company — opens up career progression opportunities and allows for keeping top talent within the group. “They have the ability to move people to group companies and then open up leadership roles within TCS. It is a significant advantage even if it is not necessarily an upward move for those who move from TCS to Tata Group companies,” said a person with knowledge of TCS’ HR strategy. He added that such movement of talent worked to the benefit of both the group and the IT company.

Recently, in an interview with an online magazine, Chandrasekaran said that for each Tata company, the group aims to have a chief digital officer, charged with thinking through what that industry’s digital platform means for them and their business. “Each company has its own multi-agenda digital initiative. We don’t tell them one night: By tomorrow morning, it must be this way. They have got to figure it out. But digital is one of the three or four top items they are thinking about — both for  the here and now, and for the longer-term future,” he said.


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