• Token- how beautiful it is to get a token of appreciation at your work place, yes it is awe for all of us.
  • The former google creative director jarvis wanted to make it profit and the thought of token was coined.
  • With this small but generous thought made the scrappy start-up a multi-billion dollar company.

coming to the story the newyork based start-up wanted to make a tasty fruitcake gifting company a couple of years ago and they started too small like scrap. but now joined the list of multi-billion dollar company, the beginning was so tough for them as they couldn’t make profit at all. initially their business started with a few individuals gifting wine bottles and hand wrapped gifts to their loved ones. soon they attracted the corporate world accidentally after that jarvis never looked back.

now their daily routine includes wrapping gifts for the corporate companies who wants to please their customers through generous gifts. most of the times a branded gift brought directly from the store to be gifted looks like a bribe, people like generous gifts with hand written note on it with a hand wrapping looks better than anything else in the world. as per the analysis of the former google creative director jarvis most of his gifting occasions include the promotions of colleagues and client meetings and annual sales meetings of the firms. the items include wine bottles, wrapped gifts, hand written notes with the token’s brand mark of red seal on it and list goes on according to the wish of giver.

as we can see corporate gifts are the worst gifts we have ever received and think of the huge money spent by the companies to please their teams with the costly bribe looked things. it is almost a missed opportunity for you to please them if the gift goes wrong. this small mistake done by many companies ignited the thought of the corporate gifting in the jarvis mind.

jarvis told that gifting gone wrong is always looks like a bribe. the receiver should sense the generosity in your gift and the cost always doesn’t matter in true gifting, if you gift touches the heart of your employee he will definitely repay it to you with interest.

Samba Shiva Thadavarthi
Mr. Shiva is a technologist by profession and technical writer by passion. He has served in several organisations as Research and Development manager and wrote versatile articles on the current trends of technological transformation.

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