• For the first time UK maritime had made a long time strategy for 2050
  • Augmented & Virtual reality technologies are also taking part in the maritime innovations
  • By 2030 the global ocean economy is said to be doubled to $3 trn

Department of Transport united kingdom has announced it’s plans for 2050. This is the first time that the u.k. shipping has set a long time strategy. Maritime innovations have tweeted that it’s all set with a strategy in shipping and delivery industry for 2050. This 30 year plan includes several technological advancements including virtual reality and also augmented reality. These technologies will be used in the seafarer training.

The maritime innovations has planned for autonomous vessels in the shipping sector. Maritime innovations is also planning to make united kingdom seashores as testing bed. These testing beds will allow the other countries also to test their vessel technologies and  also help to improvise each other.

This will grab the eyes of the maritime investors across the globe, as a result UK will transform in to innovations hub by 2030. Maritime innovations is a separate panel working with UK department of transport. The panel has also focusing on the environmental friendly and zero emission shipping in the future years.

Maritime innovations

Chris, the chairman of the maritime innovations said that by 2030 UK will become the most important place for the maritime testing and innovations. He also mentioned how important shipping is for the growth of UK economy.

“Maritime is a vital UK industry, bringing in £14 billion to our economy as well as providing thousands of new and exciting careers for people across the country”

He also said that “this is a clear message to the entire world that UK is going to be on the top of the maritime innovations for the coming 30 years. We will stay on the top of the list and also provide these technologies to the companies across the world. We will be giving out these emerging technologies for seafarer training.”

Chairman of the maritime UK praised the government for making a long time strategy for the first time. He said he was really happy for taking the environment also in to the consideration in this long time plan.

He also told that by 2030 the maritime income will double to $3 trn. This will result in the huge capitalization in the maritime industry by investors. He concluded saying that the industry is committed to delivery.

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Samba Shiva Thadavarthi
Mr. Shiva is a technologist by profession and technical writer by passion. He has served in several organisations as Research and Development manager and wrote versatile articles on the current trends of technological transformation.

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