in the few decades 20th century has seen evolutionary changes in the popular startups of the world. People have changed all the way from vintage to virtual reality. With the invention of Internet everything came in compact and mobiles made it to fit in the palm.

Startup History

Everything starts with with a startup even the tech giants like google are also once a startups. But what makes it feel different in the 21st century?

There’s a lot of difference between the startups then and now. During old days there is no any support for startup in any field, but the time has changed. Investors are believing more on startups these days than the real tech giants. With the real stuff in the brains startups are taking the internet by storm. Everyday it’s getting tougher than yesterday to get noticed by investors. But still these startups made it to the top of the list with their best business plans.


4Paradigm is an artificial intelligence technology and service provider.

Fourth paradigm has a machine learning technology that can accurately predict and mine data. It helps enterprises improve efficiency, reduce risks, and obtain greater commercial value. The “migration learning” initiated by the fourth paradigm founding team is considered by the industry to be “The next generation of artificial intelligence technology”. The fourth paradigm maintains the world’s leading edge in the field of migration learning

Ant Financial

Ant Financial Services Group is an online payment services provider. Its platform, Alipay, is the world’s largest mobile and online payments platform. Founded by the Alibaba group, it allows individuals and businesses to execute payments online in a secure manner. Alipay’s users are primarily buyers and also sellers engaging in e-commerce transactions. With a registered user base of approximately 43.5 million as of June 2007, Alipay is an accepted online payment method for many online as well as retail websites and service providers in China.


Yuanfudao provides live courses and tutoring through an online platform. The company is an online live course platform servicing primary and also secondary school students in China. With a paying user base of over 1 million, Yuanfudao offers a curriculum spanning from primary school English, Mathematical Olympiad to all-subject courses in secondary school.
Yuanfudao is founded in 2012.


The firm provides a complete food ordering and delivery solution from the best neighborhood restaurants to the urban foodie.

Swiggy aims to stand out by offering a more curated list of restaurants and also services, not to mention its own in-house delivery fleet that pick up orders from restaurants and deliver it to the customers. It charges between 15-40 percent in commission to restaurants and for smaller orders, customers pay an additional delivery charge between 20 and 50 rupees depending on their city.

Currently, Swiggy is in eight cities where it has more than 9,000 restaurants on its platform.


Fair is a car leasing company that aims to grant access to mobility to everyone by pioneering the car-as-a-service (CaaS) concept. It gives customers the freedom to drive the car they want for as long as they want, and the flexibility to walk away at any time.

Fair is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.


Seismic is the leading global sales and marketing enablement solutionand also improving close rates and delivering larger deals for sales while increasing marketing’s impact on the bottom line. Large enterprises use Seismic to increase sales productivity through the automatic distribution of relevant information along with personalized content to reps for any buyer interaction. Powerful content controls and also visibility into usage ensures brand integrity and reduces risk. Seismic’s machine learning and analytics capabilities continuously improve the entire enablement process for large enterprises, increasing the ROI of sales content and tying it directly to revenue. Headquartered in San Diego and with more than 300 employees across the globe, Seismic is privately held by its executive team and investment firms General Atlantic, JMI Equity, and Jackson Square Ventures.


Plaid is the technology platform providing the tools and access needed for the development of digitally-enabled financial system. The firm makes it easier and also safer for developers from the smallest startups to the largest financial institutions. Also helps to build innovative financial services and applications. Plaid offers beautiful consumer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure as well as intelligence tools that give everyone the ability to build the future of financial services.

Plaid was launched by William Hockey and Zach Perret in 2012 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Samba Shiva Thadavarthi
Mr. Shiva is a technologist by profession and technical writer by passion. He has served in several organisations as Research and Development manager and wrote versatile articles on the current trends of technological transformation.

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